In 1971 Cougar was replaced and there was a wheelbase just one inch longer than the previous models. The front end consisted of four open spades and the missing headlights were removed from the center.
When it came to 1972, the climatic muscle cars of classical cars ended. Motorda changes were made. In addition to the small grille and lamp changes, the 1973 cougar will be a major transport year. The light blue / white Cougar XR-7 Cabriolet, built by Ford Motor Company in the 1970s, has been recently unveiled. After that, automatic transmission and electric front disc brakes became standard. Ordinarily, the 4-speed manual gearbox ordered is also an option. It was initially marketed only in copper metallic colors, but later on in six different colors.

THIRD GENERATION (1974 - 1976)

1974 Cougar broke off from its roots and entered a new platform as a personal luxury car with a different platform. The wheelbase was 114 inches and was the only car to have been upgraded for ten years in the 1970s.

Cougar was marketed as a mid-size personal luxury car to compete against the Ford Elite, which competed against the Chevrolet Monte Carlo in a Thunderbird-like style. Almost every GM department entered this market in 1974. The market is big enough to be ignored, so both Ford and Mercury have expanded their competitive opportunities.
Cougar has had the same interior, except for some minor changes in the upholstery since he was based in Montego. In 1975, the Cougar XR-7 continued to add more luxury features as it went on the market. But more specifically Cougar also gained weight. Nevertheless, until 1976 the car did not show much change. The interior has begun to change after this year.


In 1977, radical marketing changes were made. The Montego name was removed and all Mercury vehicles were Cougar.
Customers arriving at Lincoln-Mercury showrooms are surprised to see the new Cougar this year. The sharper and slimer design that mimics the Ford Thunderbird and Continental Mark V has changed the "body look" of previous Cougar's. The engine line also changed this year.

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